The 88th Lake Porter Amateur

A Proud Tradition in N.W. Indiana  since 1931



Congrats to all winners and top finishers who have a gift certificate at J&M Golf in your name. They can be picked up from Tony Lane or Kyle Snyder at J&M Golf in St. John on Monday afternoon (August 120 or any time after. Thanks for your patience as I figured out payouts and did my day job at Wiley at the same time.  – Bill Falloon, Tournament Director Volunteer



Brendan Ryan $360

Ronnie Prestamer $230

Matt Dwyer $120

Ryan Wells $90

Carlo Gatmaytana $70

Mark Civanich $50

Andrew Karr $50

Brian Bryzcki  $50

Nick Stasil $50



Mark Barenie $220

Damon Jensen $120

Tony Holguin Jr. $60



Bob Hart $220

Dan Kelly $120

Dave Vlasic $60



Kyle DeYoung $220  *Won in 1-hole playoff

Kyle Grennes  $120

Danny Falloon $60

Lake Porter Amateur Champions + Final Results

Congratulations to the 88th Lake Porter Am 2019 Amateur Champions. J&M Gift Certificate amounts for winners and top finishers will be posted in next 48 hours (please hang in there with tournament director Bill Falloon until he can get the end-of-tournament work done and get amounts approved by Palmira, since Rich and Kelly Nicpon out for 2 days after tourney). 





LAKE PORTER JUNIOR CHAMPION -- Mark Civanich, Andrew Karr (tie)




Brendan Ryan 72-69=141

Ronnie Prestamer 75-74=149

Matt Dwyer 75-75=150

Ryan Wells 77-74=151

Carlo Gatmaytana 75-78=153

Mark Civanich 77-78=155

Andrew Karr 80-75 = 155

Brian Bryzcki 78-77 =155

Nick Stasil 78-77=155

Payton Smith 82-74 = 156

Bill Smitka 76-81-157

Matt Mudd 82-75=157

Mike Barenie 76-81=157

Tony Rubino 78-79=157

Perry Chong 76-81=157

Tommy Philpot 80-77=157

Cody Donovan 80-79=159

Vince Barker 83-77=160

Chris Kostouros 81-79=160

Drake Deveruax 79-83=162

Matt McCaleb 82-82=164

Todd Gervase 86-79 = 165

TJ Matlon 81-85 = 166

Michael Pinchok 83-84 = 167

Jake Argeta 79-88=167

Ted Vrehas 85-84=169

Nick Cosme 81-89 = 169

August Falloon 82-89 =171

Trent Dotlich 82-89=171

Andrew Vanderwoude 86-87=173

Steve Smead 88-97=185

Paul Shane 86-91=177

Rhett Barker 88-92=180

Finn Kiger 83-WD

Brett Keeler 87-WD

Robert Cordova 88-WD

Gary Chong 89-WD

Tyler Urbanzyk 93-WD

Glen Perinar 98-WD



Mark Barenie 73-77=150

Damon Jensen 76-75=151

Tony Holguin Jr. 73-80=153

Kirk “Minnow” Smith = 75-80=155

Tom Brankin 77-79=156

John Flanagan 75-81=156

Barry Thomas 76-80 = 156

Bill Falloon 76-82=158

Chuck Shoemake 86-77=163

Dale Jalovecky 76-86 =164

Victor Perez 83-82=165



Bob Hart 74-77=151

Dan Kelly 76-77=153

Dave Vlasic 75-81=156

Frank Katsinis 82-76=158

Jim Zartman 77-82=159

Jeff Bles 84-78=162

Marv Selby 81-84=165

Aldo Buffon 80-87=167

Steven Bettenhausen 90-77=167

Joe Slattery 86-86 =172

Tony Fallucc 84-79=163

Jim Kintz 85-87=172

Gale Miller 86-82=178

Garry Ruvoli Sr 88-92=180=190

Chuck Wimmer 91-91

Mark Devries 101-96=197

Mike Mayer 99-99=198

John Lowenstine 102-103=205

Ken Cmelo 92-113-205



Kyle DeYoung 77-81-158 *Won in 1-hole playoff

Kyle Grennes 80-78 158

Danny Falloon 78-81=159

George Kounelis 79-83=162

Jay Beere 79-88=167

Bern Prisby 85-84=169

Shawn Jacoby 79-90=169

Angelo Vitiritti 89-81=170

Paul Kendall 86-85=171

Bob Middleton 84-89=173

Dan Darlson 85-90=175

Evan Sylvester 92-86=178

David Thomas 90-89=179

Bern Prisby 84-95=179

Soren Falloon 88-91=179

Richie Gamboa 86-94=180

Abraham Vazquez 89-96=185

Ricardo Vazquez 93-92=185

Scott Angel 98-98=196

Tom Falloon 104-92=196

Albert Shane 93-106=199

Mike Hutton 97-109=206

Alex Rogers 116-121=237

Ed Mackowiak 90-WD

Frank Rivas 92-WD

Butch Berry 94-WD



Mandy Falloon 125-124=249



Mark Falloon 111-108=219

Tee Times for Sunday,  August 4, Final Round

* Special note: I accidentally missed Kevin Grennes on first pass of tee times, so have refreshed an adjusted. My apologies for the error.  I also adjusted some name/spelling typos. Again, apologies to the field. Times below are current as of 5:10 .a.m. on Sunday morning. Play on!

In addition, I would like to dedicate today's final round to Bill Springer Sr., a teaching pro, friend to many in this tournament, and a wonderful man who brought joy to all of us who knew him. Our deepest condolences on Bill's passing to the Springer family.

7:36: John Lowenstine 102, Mark Devries 101, Mike Meyer 99

7:48: Kenn Cmelo 92, Chuck Wimmer 91, Steven Bettenhause 90, Garry Ruvoli Sr. 88

8:00: Gale Miller 86, Joe Slattery 86, Jim Kintz 85, Tony Fallucca 84

8:12: Jeff Bles 84, Marv Selby 84, Frank Katsinis 82, Aldo Buffone 80

8:24: Jim Zartman 77, Dan Kelly 76, Dave Vlasic 75, Bob Hart 74

8:30: Mandy Falloon 125, Tom Falloon 114, Mark Falloon 111,

8:36: Alex Rogers 116, Scott Angel 98, Mike Hutton 97, Butch Berry 94

8:48: Albert Shane 93, Ricardo Vasquez 93, Evan Sylvester 92, Frank Rivas 92

9:00: Ed Mackowiak 90, David Thomas 90, Abraham Vasquez 89, Soren Falloon 88

9:12: Angelo Vitiritt 89, Richie Gamboa 86, Paul Kendell 86,

9: 24 Dan Darlson 85, 9:24: Bern Prisby II, 85, Bob Middleton 84,

9:30 Bern Prisby 84, Kevin Grennes 80, George Kounelis 79 * )

9:36: Shawn “Rainman” Jacoby 79, Jay Beere 79, Danny Falloon 78, Kyle DeYoung 77

9:48: Chuck Shoemake 86, Victor Perez 83, Dale Jalovecky 78

10:00: Tom Brankin 77, Damon Jensen 76, Barry Thomas 76, Bill Falloon 76

10:12: John Flanagan 75, Kirk “Minnow” Smith 75, Tony Holguin Jr, Mark Barenie 73

10:24: Glenn Perinar 98, Tyler Urbanczyk 93, Gary Chong 89, Robert Cordova 88

10:36: Rhett Barker 88, Steve Smead 88, Brett Keeler 87, Andrew Vanderewoude 86

10:48: Todd Gervase 86, Paul Shane 86, Ted Vrehas 85, Finn Kiger 83

11:00: Vince Barker 83, Matt McCaleb 82, Michael Pinchok 82, Trent Dotlich 82

11:12: Payton Smith 82, August Falloon 82, TJ Matlon 81, Matt Mudd 81

11:24: Chris Kostouros 81, Nick Cosme 81, Andrew Karr 80, Jason Gillespie (Guest)

11:36: Jake Argenta 79, Cory Donovan 79, Tommy Philpott 79, Dake Deveruax 79

11:48:  Tony Rubino 78, Nick Stasil 78, Brin Bryzcki 78, Ryan Wells 77

12:00:  Mark Civanich 77, Perry Chong 76, Bill Smitka 76, Mike Barenie 76

12:12: Carolo Gatmaytan 75, Ronnie Prestamer 75, Matt Dwyer 75, Brendan Ryan 72

Tee Times for Saturday, August 3 (First Day)

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The tee times have been set 12 minutes apart to facilitate smooth play during the tournament. The goal: 18 hole rounds taking approximately 4 hours, 30 minutes. Please show up 30 minutes before your tee time to check in with Pro Shop, and report in 5-10 minutes early to the starter on No. 1 hole. Good luck to everyone!


USGA Rules Apply

One ball rule not in effect.

Playing the ball down.

Any local rule situation will be brought to your attention by the starter on the first tee. 


C (Championship) = Blue

A (Mid-Handicap), (S) Senior and (H) Hickory = White

SS (Super Senior) = Green

W (Women) = Red


6:00: Nick Cosme (C), Bill Smitka (C), Drake Deveruax (C), Ronnie Prestamer (C)

6:12: Bryan Bryzcki (C), Joe Skrabutenas (C), Matt Mudd (C), Vince Barker (C)

6:24: Kenn Cmelo (SS), Tony Fallucca (SS), Frank Katsinis (SS), Gale Miller (SS)

6:36: TJ Matlon (C), Jake Argenta (C), Cody Donovan (C), Steve Smead (C)

6:48: Tommy Philpot (C), Rhett Barker (C), Payton Smith (C), Mark Civanich (C)

7:00: Andrew Karr (C), Ryan Wells (C), Glen Perinar (C), Dave Vlasic (SS)

7:12: Mike Hutton (A), Mike Barenie (C), Tony Rubino (C), Finn Kiger (C)

7:24: Garry Ruvoli Sr. (SS), Mark “Jesus Shot” Devries, Jeff Bles (SS), Chuck Wimmer (SS)

7:36: Bob “Toes” Middleton (A), Dan Darlson (A), Butch Berry (A), Scott “Scooter” Angel (A)

7:48: Bern Prisby III (A), Bern Prisby Jr. (A),  George Kounelis (A), OPEN

8:00: Paul Kendall (A), Kyle Grennes (A), Shawn “Rainman” Jacoby (A), Evan Sylvester (A)

8:12: Richie Gamboa (A), Angelo Vitiritti (A), John Lowenstine (SS), Jay Beere (A)

8:24: Jim Zartman (SS), Jim Kintz (SS), Dan Kelly (SS), Bob Hart (SS)

8:36: Mike Mayer (SS), Aldo Buffone (SS), Steven Bettenhausen (SS), Joe Slattery (SS)

8:48: Damon Jensen (S), Barry Thomas (S), Mark Barenie (S), Marv Selby (SS)

9:00: Kirk "Minnow" Smith (S), Tom Brankin (S), Chuck Shoemake (S), Tony Holguin Jr. (S)

9:12: Luke Bohm (C), Tyler Urbanczyk (C), Paul Shane (C), Gary Chong (C)

9:24: Kyle DeYoung (A), David Thomas A), Albert Shane (A), Frank Rivas (A)

9:36: Abraham Vasquez (A), Ricardo Vasquez (A), Alex Rogers (A), Ed Mackowiak (A)

9:48: Todd Gervase (C), Michael Pinchok (C), Brendan Ryan (C), Robert Cordova (C)

10:00: Dale Jalovecky (S), Jim Flanagan (S), Victor Perez (S), Nick Stasil (C)

10:12: Justin Goodman (C), Carlo Gatmaytan (C), Ted Vrehas (C), Perry Chong (C)

10:24: Trent Dotlich (C), Brett Keeler (C), Matt Dwyer (C), Chris Kostouros (C/S?)

10:36: Matt McCaleb (C), Andrew Vanderwoude (C), Rich Butler (S), Jason Gillespie (Volunteer)

10:48: Danny Falloon (A) Soren Falloon (A), August Falloon (A), Mark Falloon (H)

11:00  Tom Falloon (A), Mandy Falloon (W), Bill Falloon (S), OPEN

Thank You to Our Supporters

No matter who becomes a Lake Porter Amateur Champion, the tournament would never happen each year without the support of those who believe in growing the game --  and who also support our community, young adults, young kids, and friends at the same time. Special thanks to those who have supported the tournament this year and those who have helped the tournament in so many seen and unseen ways over the last 10 years . . . 

The Nicpon Family

The Bonaventura Sisterhood & JJ

The Grounds Crew at Palmira (shout out to Alejandro and the Vasquez Family)

The Chilidippers at Palmira 

Mark McCall and the McCall Family 

The Falloon Family

The Zientara Family

The Prisby Family

The Barker Family

Tony Lane and Kyle Snyder and everyone at J&M Golf

Mike Hutton and the Post-Tribune

Marv Hansen at Scherwood

Jimmy "Dr Chu" and Stephanie Vaughn

Brandon White, First Tee

Nancy Bender, Teaching Professional and First Tee

Brad Burvan and Derek Smenyak at Sandy Pines 

Jason Gillespie, Scorpion 21 

Bobby Shane and Timmy Axarides, who got this train rolling

Donny Wilson

The Greek Ryder Cuppers

The USA Ryder Cuppers

The Euro Ryder Cuppers

Thursday Leaguers

Jeff Bles for the Gatorade Coolers 

Kirk "Minnow" Smith

Steven Ehlert 

Jon Michaels 

Garry Ruvoli Sr. 

Ringo's Pro Shop

Phil Robbins and Dion Madkins at Glenwoodie

Chuckacademy, Coach Can, Living Room Pro, and other emerging Top 50 Golf Instructors on the Palmira range. 

Please support the indviduls, courses, businesses, and families above. And don't forget to sign up below.

100 Sign Up for the 88th Lake Porter Amateur. 4 Spots Left for Walk-Ons (if You Just Found Out and Want to Play).

The 88th Lake Porter Field to Date is as follows:

Scott "Scooter" Angel (A)

Jake Argenta (C)

Vince Barker (C)

Rhett Barker (C)

Mark Barenie (S)

Mike Barenie (C)

Steven Bettenhausen (SS)

Jay Beere (A)

Butch Berry (A)

Jeff Bles (SS)

Luke Bohm (C)

Bryan Bryzcki (C)

Aldo Buffone (SS)

Rich Butler (S)

Perry Chong (C)

Gary Chong (C)

Mark Civanich (C)

Kenn Cmelo (SS)

Robert Cordova (C)

Nick Cosme (C)

Daniel Darlson (A)

Drake Deveruax (C)

Kyle DeYoung (C)

Mark "Jesus Shot" Devries (SS)

Cody Donovan (C)

Trent Dotlich (C)

Matt Dwyer (C)

Bill Falloon (S)

Danny Falloon (A)

Dr. Mark "Hickory" Falloon (A)

Dr. Tom "Watson" Falloon (A)

Mandy Falloon (W)

August Falloon (C or A, to be declared)

Soren Falloon (C or A, to be declared)

Tony Fallucca (SS)

John Flanagan (S)

Richie Gamboa (A)

Carlo Gatmaytan (C)

Todd Gervase (C)

Justin Goodman (C)

Kyle Grennes (A)

Bob Hart (SS)

Tony Holguin Jr. (S)

Mike Hutton (A)

Shawn "Rainman" Jacoby (A)

Dale Jalovecky (S)

Damon Jensen (S) 

Andrew Karr (C)

Frank Katsinis (SS)

Brett Keeler (C)

Dan Kelly (SS)

Paul Kendall (A)

Finn Kiger (C)

Jim Kintz (SS)

George Kounelis (A)

John Lowenstine (SS)

Ed Mackowiak (A)

TJ Matlon (C) 

Mike Mayer (SS)

Matt McCaleb (C)

Bobby "Toes" Middleton (A)

Gale Miller (SS)

Matt Mudd (C)

Mark Palus (S)

Glen Perinar (C)

Victor Perez (S)

Tommy Philpot (C)

Michael Pinchok (C)

Bern Prisby III (A)

Bern Prisby Jr. (A)

Ronnie Prestamer (C)

Frank Rivas (A)

Alex Rogers (A)

Tony Rubino (C)

Garry Ruvoli Sr.(SS)

Brendan Ryan (C)

Marv Selby (SS)

Albert Shane (A)

Paul Shane (C) 

Chuck Shoemake (S)

Joe Skrabutenas (C)

Joe Slattery (SS)

Kirk "Minnow" Smith (S)

Steve Smead (C)

Payton Smith (C)

Bill Smitka (C) 

Nicholas Stasil (C)

Evan Sylvester (A)

Barry Thomas (S)

David Thomas (A)

Tyler Urbanczyk (C)

Andrew Vanderwoude (C

Abraham Vasquez (A)

Ricardo Vasquez (A)

Angelo Vitiritti (A)

Ted Vrehas (C)

Ryan Wells (C)

Chuck "Chuckademy" Wimmer (SS)  

Jim Zartman (SS)

Sign Up for 2019 Lake Porter Amateur!

Welcome again to Northwest Indiana's oldest tournament, the 88th Lake Porter Amateur. Please use the Web Form tab above to register online. If you would like to pay by credit card, please complete the form and indicate that you will be contacting the Palmira Golf Course pro shop to pay via credit card  Thank you for playing! Look forward to seeing everyone at the tournament. -- Bill Falloon, LP Tournament Director

Entry Fee

$100--Entrant under 60 years old

$80--Entrant 60 years old and over


August 3-4, 2019

Palmira Golf Course

12111 W. 109th Street, St. John, IN 46373

5 Flights

Championship (below 8 handicap)

Mid-Handicap (8 handicap and above, with prrof of verified handicap submitted to the tournament director)

Senior (50 years old and over)

Super Senior (60 years and over)


Junior (17 years and younger)


August 3-4: 36 holes of stroke play. Low two-day total score will determine Tournament Champions

L-P first day Medalist Awards, J&M Golf Gift Certificates to Top Finishers

Tourney Photos on Facebook

Go to facebook and search on"lake porter golf classic" to see photos of today's first round action at the Lake Porter!

2009 Lake-Porter Tourney Photos

For those who want to see 2009 action photos, please visit

and click on "photo gallery".  You will see well over 100+ photos from 2009 tourney.