Lake Porter Golf Classic

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Lake Porter Amateur 2018 (Final Results & Gift Certificate Payouts)

Lake Porter Amateur Champion: Brian Brzycki

Lake Porter Senior Champion: Damon Jensen

Lake Porter Mid-Handicap Champion: Tony Holquin Jr.

Lake Porter Super Senior Champion: Frank Katsinis

Lake Porter Payouts (J&M Gift Certificates)


Championship Flight

Brian Brzycki $360 1st-C

Chris Fischer $185 2nd-C (tie)

Tony Rubino $185 2nd -C-(tie)

Joe Skrabutenas $90 4th-C

Matt Dwyer $60 5th-C

Andrew Karr $45-6th-C

Mark Civanich $40-7th-C

Tommy Philpot $35-8th-C



Damon Jensen $220-1st-S

Barry Thomas $110-2nd-S

Craig Martin $60-3rd-S



Tony Holquin Jr. $220-1st-A

George Kounelis-$110-2nd-A

Liam Garvey-$30-3rd-A (tie)

Bruce Prisby $30-3rd A (tie)


Super Seniors

Frank Katsinis $200-1st-SS

Mike Lucas $100-2nd-SS

Aldo Buffone $25-3rd-SS (tie)

Mark Smolens $25-3rd-SS (tie)

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Day One

Final Day

Lake-Porter Amateur

At Palmira, par 72

Final results

Championship Division

Brian Brzycki 73-76-149; Chris Fischer 77-76-153; Tony Rubino 77-76-153; Joe Skrabutenas 83-72-155; Matt Dwyer 74-82-156; Andrew Karr 76-80-156; Mark Civanich 78-80-158; Tommy Philpot 78-81-159; Bill Smitka 76-84-160; Jose Collazo 76-84-160; Joey Piatek 79-83-162; John Selman 78-84-162; Jake Argenta 81-83-164; Mike Golumbeck 78-86-164; Ted Vrehas 81-86-167; Vince Barker 88-84-172; Tyler Copak 83-91-174; Chris Kostouros 82-92-174; Trent Dolich 92-87-179; Sean Bready 91-90-181; Jeremy Belko 89-93-182; Evan Sylvester 97-88-185; Rhett Barker 102-90-192; Ronnie Prestamer 81-WD; Jimmy Lambert 82-WD; Matt Noll 82-WD; Bill Hays 89-WD; Eric Stevenson 92-WD.

Mid-Handicap Division

Tony Holquin Jr. 75-74-149; George Kounelis 84-86-170; Liam Garvey 87-84-171; Bruce Prisby 85-86-171; Scott Angel 85-87-172; Kyle DeYoung 85-88-173; Bern Prisby 83-91-174; Patrick Winnick 90-84-174; John Totos 91-84-175; Daniel Darlson 88-88 176; Ed Mackowiak 88-90-178; Bob Middleton 96-84-180; Rod Calomino 86-95-181; David Thomas 86-96-182; Mike Hutton 94-92-186; Ryan Caldwell-Frye 94-93-187; Matthew Lopez 89-101-190; Daniel Gustas 103-93-196; Daniel Saliga 99-104-203; Ricardo Vasquez 103-105-208; Edward Trombetta 99-114-213; Daniel Morsovillo 87-WD.

Senior Division

Damon Jenson 74-78-152; Barry Thomas 76-80-156; Craig Martin 78-80-158; Dale Jalovecky 84-75-159; Kirk Smith 75-88-163; Mark Barenie 83-83-166; Bill Falloon 77-90-167; Dave Vlasic 81-88-169; Rich Nicpon 90-82-172; Chuck Shoemake 83-91-174; Paul Mandich 87-90-177; David Rush 81-WD; Tom Becker 86-WD; Rick Roberts 86-WD.

Super Senior Division

Frank Katsinis 77-72-149; Mike Lucas 75-77-152; Aldo Buffone 79-75-154; Mark Smolens 80-74-154; Jeff Bles 82-77-159; Antonino Falluca 77-82-159; Peter Barenie 81-81-162; Frank Filipiak 87-75-162; Marv Selby 85-79-164; Garry Ruvoli 87-79-166; Larry Featherstone 80-89-169; Michael Prospero 91-81-172; Dave Tuskan 85-88-173; Mark DeVries 87-96-183; Jim Kintz 95-90-185; Jeff Christofanelli 85-WD.

Lake Porter 2018 (Sunday, August 5 Tee Times)


6:12: Bill Springer Sr. Bill Springer Jr., Steve Elhert

6:20: Mike Liming, Trevor Wheaton, Brad Burvan

6:28:  Ben McAdams, Derek Smenyak, Pat Mudd

6:36: Andrew Godfrey Matt Meneghetti Bill Zientara Jr. Jason Gillespie



Super Seniors

7:16: Jim Kintz 95, Mike Prospero 91, Frank Filiipak 87, Dave Tuskan 85,

7:24: Garry Ruvoli 87, Mark DeVires, 87, Jeff Christofanelli 87, Jeff Bles 82

7:32:  Marv Selby 85,  Peter Barenie 81, Mark Smoles 80, Larry Featherstone 80

7:40: Aldo Buffone 79, Antonino Falluca 77, Frank Katsinis 77, Mike Lucas 75

Mid Handicap

7:48:  Ricardo Vasquez 103 Daniel Gustas 103, Edward Trombetta 99,  Daniel Saliga 97,

7:56: Bob Toes Middleton 96, Ryan Caldwell-Frye 94, Mike Hutton 94,

8:04: John Totos 91, Patrick Winnick 90, Matt Lopez 89

8:12: Ed Mackowiak 88, Daniel Darlson 88, Liam Garvey 87, Daniel Morsovillo 87,

8:20: Red Calomino 86, David Thomas 86, Scott Scooter Angel 85, Kyle Deyoung 85

8:28: Bruce Prisby 85, George Kounelis 84, Bern Prisby 83, Tony Holquin Jr. 75,


8:36: Rich Nipson 90, Paul “Doc” Mandich 87,  Rick Roberts 86

8:44: Tom Becker 86,  Dale Jalovecky 84, Chuck Shoemake 83

8:52: Mark Barenie 83, David Rush 81, Dave Vlasic 81, Craig Martin 78

9:00: Bill Falloon 77, Barry Thomas 76, Kirk Minnow Smith 75, Damon Jensen 74


9:08:  Rhett Barker 102, Evan Sylvester 97, Eric Stevenson 92, Trent Dolich 92,

9:16: Sean Bready 91, Bill Hays 89, Jeremy Belko 89, Vince Barker 88,

9:24: Joe Skrabutenas 83, Tyler Copak 83, Matt Noll 82, Chris Kostoouros 82,

9:32: Jimmy Lambert 82, Jake Argenta 81, Ronnie Prestamer 81, Ted Vrehas 81,

9:40: Joey Piatek 79, John Selman 78, Tommy Philpot 78, Mark Civanich 78

9:48: Mike Golumbeck 78, Chris Fischer 77, Tony Rubino 77, Jose Collazo 76,

9:56: Andrew Karr 76, Bill Smitka 76, Matt Dywer 74, Bryan Brzycki 73

Note: If I missed you, please reach out to me. I will get you a tee time for day 2. But believe I have added anyone who didn't WD or NS.


Lake Porter 2018 Tee Times for Saturday, August 4

6:36 Vince Barker (C), Mike Golumbeck (C), Jake Argenta (C), Bill Smitka (C)

6:44 Matt Noll (C), Joe Skrabutenas (C), Brian Brzycki (C), Ronnie Prestamer (C)

6:52 Ted Vrehas (C), Tony Rubino (C), Chris Kostouros (C), Josh Jackowski (C)

7:00 Scott “Scooter” Angel, (A) Bob “Toes” Middleton (A), Red Calomino (A), John Totos (A)

7:08 Tony Holquin Jr. (A), Bruce Prisby (A) Ed Mackowiak (A), Daniel Darlson (A)

7:16 Bern Prisby (A), Mike Hutton (A) George Kounelis (A), Daniel Gustas (A)

7:24 Chuck Wimmer (A), Matthew Lopez (A), Daniel Saliga (A), Daniel Morsovillo (A)

7:32 Michael Lampkin (A), Edward Trombetta (A),Ryan Caldwell-Frye (A), Liam Garvey (A)

7:40 Bill Hays (C), Andrew Vanderwoude (C) , Andrew Karr (C), Tyler Copak C)

7:48 Joey Piatek (C), Mark Civanich (C), Eric Stevenson (C), Jimmy Lambert (C)

7:56 Jerry Belko (C), Evan Sylvester (C), Tommy Philpot (C), Rhett Barker (C)

8:04 Ken Cmelo (SS), Aldo Buffone (SS), Peter Barenie (SS), Larry Featherstone (SS)

8:12 Frank Katsinis (SS), Antonino Falluca (SS),  Mike Lucas (SS), OPEN (SS)

8:20 Dave Tuskan (SS), Frank Filipiak (SS), Michael Prospero( SS), OPEN (SS)

8:28 Mark DeVries (SS), Garry Ruvoli (SS), Jeff Christofanelli (SS), Jeff Bles (SS)

8:36 Jim Kintz (SS), Mark Smolens (SS), Marv Selby (SS), OPEN (SS)

8:44 Charles Starcevich (S), Kirk “Minnow” Smith (S), Chuck Shoemake (S), Tom Becker (S)

8:52 Barry Thomas (S), Dave Vlasic (S), Craig Martin (S), Dale Jalovecky (S)

9:00 Mark Barenie (S), Rick Grassel (S), Doug Schnick (S), Kyle Deyoung (A)

9:08 Bill Falloon (S), Paul “Doc” Mandich, Damon Jenson (S), Rich Nipcon (S)

9:16: Trent Dotlich (C), Matt Dwyer (C), Sean Bready (C), OPEN (C)

9:24: Chris Fischer (C), Rik Roberts (S), Jose Collazo (C), John Selman (C)

9:32: Patrick Winnick (A),  Ricardo Vasquez (A), David Thomas (A), OPEN (A)


Registrations Open for 2018 Lake Porter.  Sign Up Now!

Registrations for the Lake Porter 2018 are officially open. Tournament will be held August 4-5 at Palmira Golf Club in St. John, IN. 

Entry fee is $100 for any under 60 years of age, and $80 for seniors and super seniors 60 years and older.

The format will follow last year's format--with all who register playing 36-hold event on Saturday, August 4, and Sunday, August 5. More info to come. 

Any questions, text Bill Falloon @ 219.776.5800 or email him at [email protected]

2018 Lake Porter Field (as of 7/24/2018, 7:30 a.m.)


Jake Argenta
Rhett Barker
Vince Barker
Jerry Belko
Sean Bready
Brian Brzycki
Mark Civanich
Jose Collazo
Tyler Copak
Trent Dotlich
Matt Dwyer
Chris Fischer
Mike Golumbeck
Bill Hays
Josh Jackowski
Andrew Karr
Chris Kostouros
Jimmy Lambert
Matt Noll
Tommy Philpot
Joey Piatek
Ronnie Prestamer
Tony Rubino
John Selman
Joe Skrabutenas
Evan Sylvester
Bill Smitka
Eric Stevenson
Andrew Vanderwoude
Ted Vrehas

Mid-Handicap Flight
Scott Angel
Ryan Caldwell-Frye
Red Calomino
Daniel Darlson
Kyle Deyoung
Liam Garvey
Daniel Gustas
Tony Holquin Jr.
Mike Hutton
George Kounelis
Michael Lampkin
Matthew Lopez
Ed Mackowiak
Daniel Morsovillo
Bob "Toes" Middleton
Bern Prisby
Bruce Prisby
Daniel Saliga
Daivd Thomas
John Totos
Edward Trombetta
Ricardo Vasquez
Chuck Wimmer
Patrick Winnick

Mark Barenie
Tom Becker
Bill Falloon
Rick Grassel
Dale Jalovecky
Damon Jensen
Craig Martin
Paul Mandich
Rich Nipcon
Rick Roberts
Minnow Smith
Doug Schnick
Chuck Shoemake
Charles Starcevich
Barry Thomas
Dave Vlasic

Super Seniors
Pete Barenie
Jeff Bles
Aldo Buffone
Jeff Christofanelli
Kenn Cmelo
Mark DeVries
Antonino Falluca
Larry Featherstone
Frank Filipiak
George Glickley
Frank Katsinis
Jim Kintz
Mike Lucas
Michael Prospero
Garry Ruvoli
Marv Selby
Mark Smolens
Dave Tuskan

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